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Since 1956, Johnson & Co. has been providing top quality, exceptional custom-tailoring service and exquisite fine jewellery with efficient and highly satisfactory customer services to customers from all over the world. Our patrons range from Presidents, businessmen, professionals, politicians, artists, navy personnel to airline crews. We are always here to serve.

Mr. Johnson Chau, our founder and Past President, together with Mr. Charlie Chau, our President, have led our company to become one of the best custom tailors and jewellers in the world for the past 60 years with their continual effort and cultivation. Their countless contribution to both the tailoring industry and the jewellery industry in Hong Kong has earned them the renowned reputation of being one of the top tailors and jewellers in the world. We do not only provide services for travellers, but we also provide custom-made service in both tailoring and jewellery locally in Hong Kong via flagship shop and we regularly arrange trips to the USA to service our clients.

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